11 Things To Keep In Mind For Lecturette In SSB


Lecturette is a GTO task. Here, a candidate has to give a lecture on any one of the given 4 topics for duration of 3 minutes.

The first candidate according to the chest number will be called to pick up one card (which will have all the 4 topics) from the pile of cards and will be given 3 minutes or less to prepare for his or her lecture. After the first candidate is ready to start, the second candidate will be called to pick his or her card and start preparing while the first candidate speaks. This procedure continues for the whole group.

On the completion of two and a half minutes the GTO will ring a bell as an indication that the speaker has 30 seconds left to finish his talk. On the completion of three minutes, the GTO rings two bells and the first candidate stops and sits down and the second candidate start giving his lecture.

Lecturette is a task where your confidence about public speaking is evaluated. The following qualities are evaluated in a candidate during their lecture:

  1. Confidence of speaking.
  2. Fluency in speaking.
  3. Ability to deliver under stressful situations.
  4. General Awareness.
  5. Body Language.
  6. Synchronisation of points being put forward.
  7. Efficiency in speaking in front of a group.
  8. Ability to capture the attentiveness of the listeners.

11 things to keep in mind for your lecture task:

  1. Start speaking in English with your friends and family. This will help you to become proficient in your communication.
  2. Start reading newspaper articles, magazines and general awareness books to keep you acquainted with the happenings around the world. This will help you gain knowledge and will boost your confidence to speak on any topic.
  3. If you are shy about speaking in front of a group, practise speaking in front of a mirror by looking directly into your eyes. This will help you to gain confidence on public speaking.
  4. Keep a correct and formal body posture while giving your lecture. Don’t use hand movements.
  5. While giving your lecture, maintain an eye-contact with your friends sitting in front. This will give an impression of your confidence while delivering your thoughts and also will make the listeners much more attentive about your lecture.
  6. Never look at the GTO while speaking.
  7. At home, while preparing, practice demo lecturette tasks. Ask a friend or family member to give you any random four topics and then a preparation time of three minutes. Keep a stopwatch in hand and mark three minutes on it. Then speak on one of those four topics for three minutes. This will help you enhance your ability to talk under stress and also make your communication skills better.
  8. While giving your lecture, neither exceed the given time nor finish too early. Wait for the 2:30 minute reminder bell and then give your final thoughts on the topic.
  9. Choose the topic out of the given four which you’re confident about. Do not select a topic of higher level just to look smart. Speak on a topic about which you have full knowledge.
  10. In the given preparation time of three minutes, make a sequence of all the points that you will elaborate on while you give your lecture. Make sure that your lecture covers four sections about the topic: the history of the topic, the present scenario, the probable future developments and your views on that topic.
  11. And most importantly, keep your calm while giving your lecture. Nothing captures more attention than a confident and relaxed person.

The GTO will evaluate you on the basis of your expression of thoughts and your public speaking skills. The more you practice your communication skills and general awareness, the easier it would be to speak efficiently in the lecturette. All the best for SSB.

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