We are a group of young, passionate ,motivated , energetic and experienced individuals who want to reach out to the Armed Forces aspirants and help them with their problems and clear their doubts most efficiently.

This initiative is taken by a retired army officer and an I.T. professional who will give tips and guidance in how to go ahead with your preparation and realize your dreams of joining one of the finest organisations of the country and be the part of best of traditions in today’s time.

We believe in truthfulness , straightforwardness and active engagement with our viewers , readers and students. We remain committed to provide best of material which will not only help you improve your in depth knowledge of the domain but also your queries and questions will be taken care of promptly.

Our viewers and readers will find the website as an one point destination and source of analyzed current affairs from around the world which will help you all to make your knowledge a robust one . Tips related to S.S.B. will also be shared from time to time so that the motivated youth can get the right direction. Many of us remain in a constant dilemma that whether we can trust the information shared by any website. Believe us that we’re committed to share knowledge for the benefit for the whole nation and betterment of the youth as whole.

We believe that nothing can be achieved without dedication and giving it whatever it takes to be among the elite forces of the world. We will exhort the candidates with anecdotes, success stories, experiences and videos to help everyone understand it better. The personality development is our main focus so that the selection becomes a by-product .We help you in understanding the nitty-gritties of the whole selection process so that you can prepare accordingly. There are no shortcuts for success and neither we believe in it, the change from the core is what we propagate and encourage everyone to do so as it will not only help in realizing your goal and potentials but also nation building broadly.

Guiding the youth to become the torchbearers of national security,Getting the right direction and guidance at SSBWarrior

Our team follows the code of a warrior. A warrior is a person who fights for the honour and dignity of the motherland and we want to infuse it in every citizen of country.