Can Stress Be Your Friend?


‘STRESS’ is a situation which is characterized by an uneasy sensation in which a person takes decisions often to escape the situation and instead of fighting it.

The teens of today face a lot of stress which used to be a scenario among the grown up adults s decade ago. The parental pressure to perform better at studies, the peer pressure to behave as per the group dynamics and sometimes the relationship. stress is bound to happen anyone at any stage of life, but the question is can we make the stress our friend? The answer is a big ‘yes’.

While in stress we get an opportunity to seek guidance from the best mentors in the world i.e. our parents, siblings and teachers with the passage of time, we come across  people whom we realize we have been through a lot more difficult and arduous situation then ours. We make great friends and confide into them as we grow older. Stress teaches us a lot of things and we can use it as an experience to expand the horizon of our thinking and raise our levels of reasoning. Instead of just giving into stress and breaking down, we have to stay with ourselves, stay strong always think that this shall too pass. If we remain observant, stress can even teach us how to fight situation of death and life. Isn’t it is required in the Armed Forces? Friends , always keep in mind, this is the only life we have got and only us can fight for ourselves. So, next time you are stressed out ,don’t fret and don’t give in. Rather enjoy the moment and solve it. This will develop your another quality of PROBLEM SOLVING

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