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Importance of hobbies in SSB

Importance of hobbies in one’s life.

The Word ‘Hobby’ has been taken from the term “hobby-horse.” A “hobby-horse” is a toy with which the children play in the sweet days of their childhood. The children climb it and prance about, pretending to be riding it. Just as such a hobby-horse is a means of entertainment to the children; a hobby is a source of amusement to a grown-up man/woman.

Thus, a hobby is an amusement or interesting pursuit which a person follows during his leisure or free time. A hobby, therefore, provides diversion from one’s main business. Thus also what is a hobby to one man may be business for another. For example, to one man, photography may be a profession while to another, it may be a hobby.

Different types of hobbies:-

  1. Numismatics :- Collecting coins is a good and indulging hobby which gives a person insight into the historical importance of people and events.
  2. Reading books:- Reading takes you to a different dimension and makes you feel the magic of mind.
  3. Ornithology :- Bird watching and studying them also gives a lot of pleasure and relaxation to the mind.
  4. Cycling :- Nothing can be better than exploring new places with your buddy on cycle. It’s a great recreational activity for bonding with your pal.

There are different kinds of hobbies. Some others may like collecting wild flowers, leaves and ferns or stones. Some like collecting sea-shells or fossils. There are other persons who like photography, sketching, painting or wood-carving. Still other may like hunting, fishing or playing games. Some people show a great zest for boating and racing. There are some people who like cultivating flowers in their gardens. They like growing roses, lilies, violets and daffodils. Some children take delight in keeping pets such as dogs, parrots and rabbits.

Hobbies have many advantages. A hobby sharpens our sense of observation. It develops resourcefulness. One learns how to satisfy one’s passion or curiosity. A hobby brings happiness and interest in our life when we have nothing to do. Thus, it prevents us from indulging in mischief. A hobby also educates us in many ways and increases our intelligence.

A man who has failed to develop any hobby is bound to remain sad or lonely in life. Time      hangs heavy on his hands and he feels frustrated.


         Importance of Hobbies

Gives you break: Hobbies do provide a moment of work-free and responsibility-free time in our busy schedules. For all the Armed Forces aspirants, this kind of moments becomes important because it shows your inclination and zest for life.

Reduces stressing:  Stress becomes a major factor for rejection in SSB. Hobbies help us to learn to fight it and overcome it.

 Social Outlet: Hobbies can help us in connecting to our social environs in a great manner and develop the social skills which form an important factor in the OLQ’S. And who knows, we might get the best of our friends while pursuing our hobby.

 Pleasures: Hobby gives us joy and contentment in the heart. The pleasure derived from pursuing our hobbies keeps our spirits high and brings liveliness in us.

A lot of questions are asked from our hobbies in the SSB interview. If hobbies are pursued genuinely, it becomes a brownie point for us not only in SSB interview but in later life as well.

” UQAB” is new indigenous Drone of Pakistan

The Pakistan army has acquired latest drone technology to monitor China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) Sui gas pipeline, sensitive installations, bridges, dams and borders.

The Uqab, second drone, prepared by a private company Global Industrial & Defence Solutions (GIDS), Pakistan, has flight capacity of 15 hours; it can carry missile with weight of 1,000kg ammunition and can hit the target.

The Uqab can be flown in the limit of 250km with remote control, and its range can be minimised after connecting through satellite.

Through this technology, surveillance of whole world could be done while sitting in Pakistan. It has also some unique features, and expenditures incurred on its preparation are far less than the drones prepared by other countries.

The Uqab could be used to carry out scientific and climatic analysis besides surveillance programme and destroying enemy’s hideouts.

According to sources of the company, the drone would soon be presented in market for sale as 15, including some European countries, submitted application showing interest in purchase of Pakistani drone.



AFCAT is a national level written entrance examination conducted by the Indian Air Force to select candidates who can become commissioned officers in the Indian Air Force. As the date for the exam is so near, students must be looking for some last moment preparation tips. So to help the aspiring students for the exam, here are some tips that will help you perform better in AFCAT.

  1. While solving your paper, always attempt the section that you’re most comfortable in. If you are more confident about solving military aptitude section first, then attempt this section first. Not only will this assure a faster solving but also will boost your confidence for solving other sections. This way you will be securing more marks also.
  2. Don’t read anything new 5-6 days before the exam. Try to practice all that you’ve studied again and again to get fully confident about it.
  3. Practice previous year AFCAT question papers so that you get an idea of the exam pattern. This way you will also be able to manage your time well.
  4. While attempting, if you get stuck on any question, don’t waste much of your time on it. Move forward and make sure that you answer all the questions that you know the answer too. Don’t lose the questions that you’re sure about because of ill-time management.
  5. Look at the previous year’s cut-off’s. The range comes out to be 140-155. So, to keep a smarter approach try to reach a score of 160/300 to be sure about passing the cut-off. For this you have to answer at least 54 questions correctly. Therefore, keep a smart approach.
  6. The Mathematics section isn’t that hard if you practice properly. It consists of basic elementary math questions. Thus, get thorough with the concepts and practice as much as you can and this section will be the easiest to solve.
  7. Since AFCAT has a negative marking, avoid attempting questions which you’re not sure about. For every wrong answer 1 mark is deducted. This means, every 3 wrong answers will cost you the marks one right answer. Therefore, always attempt those questions which you’re 100% confident about.
  8. Read thoroughly about the last 4-5 month’s main events and happenings. This will help you score better in the GK section.
  9. Lastly, never panic or get nervous while attempting the paper. Try to be calm and confident about everything that you’ve studied. Your knowledge is the best asset you’ve got.


Thus, all the students should try to adhere to the above tips and focus on their goal of clearing the AFCAT exam. With proper practice and strong determination, clearing AFCAT becomes easier. ALL THE BEST.

11 Things To Keep In Mind For Lecturette In SSB


Lecturette is a GTO task. Here, a candidate has to give a lecture on any one of the given 4 topics for duration of 3 minutes.

The first candidate according to the chest number will be called to pick up one card (which will have all the 4 topics) from the pile of cards and will be given 3 minutes or less to prepare for his or her lecture. After the first candidate is ready to start, the second candidate will be called to pick his or her card and start preparing while the first candidate speaks. This procedure continues for the whole group.

On the completion of two and a half minutes the GTO will ring a bell as an indication that the speaker has 30 seconds left to finish his talk. On the completion of three minutes, the GTO rings two bells and the first candidate stops and sits down and the second candidate start giving his lecture.

Lecturette is a task where your confidence about public speaking is evaluated. The following qualities are evaluated in a candidate during their lecture:

  1. Confidence of speaking.
  2. Fluency in speaking.
  3. Ability to deliver under stressful situations.
  4. General Awareness.
  5. Body Language.
  6. Synchronisation of points being put forward.
  7. Efficiency in speaking in front of a group.
  8. Ability to capture the attentiveness of the listeners.

11 things to keep in mind for your lecture task:

  1. Start speaking in English with your friends and family. This will help you to become proficient in your communication.
  2. Start reading newspaper articles, magazines and general awareness books to keep you acquainted with the happenings around the world. This will help you gain knowledge and will boost your confidence to speak on any topic.
  3. If you are shy about speaking in front of a group, practise speaking in front of a mirror by looking directly into your eyes. This will help you to gain confidence on public speaking.
  4. Keep a correct and formal body posture while giving your lecture. Don’t use hand movements.
  5. While giving your lecture, maintain an eye-contact with your friends sitting in front. This will give an impression of your confidence while delivering your thoughts and also will make the listeners much more attentive about your lecture.
  6. Never look at the GTO while speaking.
  7. At home, while preparing, practice demo lecturette tasks. Ask a friend or family member to give you any random four topics and then a preparation time of three minutes. Keep a stopwatch in hand and mark three minutes on it. Then speak on one of those four topics for three minutes. This will help you enhance your ability to talk under stress and also make your communication skills better.
  8. While giving your lecture, neither exceed the given time nor finish too early. Wait for the 2:30 minute reminder bell and then give your final thoughts on the topic.
  9. Choose the topic out of the given four which you’re confident about. Do not select a topic of higher level just to look smart. Speak on a topic about which you have full knowledge.
  10. In the given preparation time of three minutes, make a sequence of all the points that you will elaborate on while you give your lecture. Make sure that your lecture covers four sections about the topic: the history of the topic, the present scenario, the probable future developments and your views on that topic.
  11. And most importantly, keep your calm while giving your lecture. Nothing captures more attention than a confident and relaxed person.

The GTO will evaluate you on the basis of your expression of thoughts and your public speaking skills. The more you practice your communication skills and general awareness, the easier it would be to speak efficiently in the lecturette. All the best for SSB.

How To Attain Your Aim/Goal?


Greetings, all my dear friends. One doubt constantly bugs us day and night when we’re alone, thinking something that will I be able to reach or attain my goals/aim. A few simple tips will help.

  1. Don’t hesitate, seek guidance from teachers, parents and people who achieved greatness in lives. Mind it, it is ‘GREATNESS’ not ‘MONETARY’ richness.
  2. Always seek knowledge, a laborer to a business tycoon, even wild to domestic animals can teach us a lot, you have just have to be observant every time.
  3. Make books as your best friends. Choose the books which speak about your chosen career path, stories, biographies and autobiographies. They will be your guides and will transform you into a person which you want to be.
  4. Always be fighting fit, I don’t promote violence, but you ought to have enough muscle power and ability to respond to any unsavory situation. This will develop an ATTITUDE in you.
  5. Practice humility every time and everywhere. People feel good when someone talks to them softly and understand their problems.

Can Stress Be Your Friend?


‘STRESS’ is a situation which is characterized by an uneasy sensation in which a person takes decisions often to escape the situation and instead of fighting it.

The teens of today face a lot of stress which used to be a scenario among the grown up adults s decade ago. The parental pressure to perform better at studies, the peer pressure to behave as per the group dynamics and sometimes the relationship. stress is bound to happen anyone at any stage of life, but the question is can we make the stress our friend? The answer is a big ‘yes’.

While in stress we get an opportunity to seek guidance from the best mentors in the world i.e. our parents, siblings and teachers with the passage of time, we come across  people whom we realize we have been through a lot more difficult and arduous situation then ours. We make great friends and confide into them as we grow older. Stress teaches us a lot of things and we can use it as an experience to expand the horizon of our thinking and raise our levels of reasoning. Instead of just giving into stress and breaking down, we have to stay with ourselves, stay strong always think that this shall too pass. If we remain observant, stress can even teach us how to fight situation of death and life. Isn’t it is required in the Armed Forces? Friends , always keep in mind, this is the only life we have got and only us can fight for ourselves. So, next time you are stressed out ,don’t fret and don’t give in. Rather enjoy the moment and solve it. This will develop your another quality of PROBLEM SOLVING