How To Attain Your Aim/Goal?


Greetings, all my dear friends. One doubt constantly bugs us day and night when we’re alone, thinking something that will I be able to reach or attain my goals/aim. A few simple tips will help.

  1. Don’t hesitate, seek guidance from teachers, parents and people who achieved greatness in lives. Mind it, it is ‘GREATNESS’ not ‘MONETARY’ richness.
  2. Always seek knowledge, a laborer to a business tycoon, even wild to domestic animals can teach us a lot, you have just have to be observant every time.
  3. Make books as your best friends. Choose the books which speak about your chosen career path, stories, biographies and autobiographies. They will be your guides and will transform you into a person which you want to be.
  4. Always be fighting fit, I don’t promote violence, but you ought to have enough muscle power and ability to respond to any unsavory situation. This will develop an ATTITUDE in you.
  5. Practice humility every time and everywhere. People feel good when someone talks to them softly and understand their problems.

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