How to overcome dejection after failure?

Friends, not all of us are good enough at times to make through the procedure  , be it SSB, Govt. exams or any academic examination . After failing  ,there are bouts of depression in every one of us especially in us teenagers who are still struggling to make it big in their lives. In this situation I as a friend  , as a brother would like to share some tips so that all of you can feel soothed and motivated in difficult times.

  1. Do an honest introspection 

When we want our goal in our reach we need to do an in depth and honest  introspection about our shortcomings and weaknesses. Friends, it’s our own war and we need to gather our pieces together ,rise up and again get ready to fight again.

  1. Approach people who care for you

Trust me, you will find solace only in those who really care about you and they’re mostly  your parents , siblings ,teachers and relatives. There are many people in market who make tall claims of guaranteed success and most of us in the heat of moment and start dancing to their tunes. Even , I’ve done this stupidity just after my class 12th . No other person can think for you and it’s you and only you who can win it for you.

  1. Friends , are they real?

When we’re disturbed , we often go to people who try to deviate our mind from the present state and we often term them as friends . The hindi meaning of a friend is ‘Dost’ which means ‘Jo Dosh Ko Dur Kare’ . So next time, when a group of people try to deviate your mind from the real problem to any external stimulus , straight away leave their company as nothing can be more toxic than it. True people will come to you automatically in your life , till then be your best friend and take books as your companion everytime.

  1. Start learning from everywhere, everyone  and everytime 

One mantra for satisfaction and success in life is that keep your eyes and ears open everytime . Every person who is toiling for his/her livelihood is fighting for their survival. If you’ve internet access to read this article , you’re fortunate and very lucky to have this amenity . So don’t feel sad at failure , learn from people , their skills and their ideas about life. I am sure you will feel more complete.


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