This blog will help you in strategising your preparation and help you score the maximum in upcoming AFCAT exam.

  1. Identify your strong areas from English, Arithmetic Aptitude, Non-Verbal Aptitude, Verbal Aptitude, Static G.K., Current affairs. These are the sections which are asked in the exam.
  2. How to prepare for English?

The level of English being asked in AFCAT is quite high. Those of you who aren’t ardent readers of English newspapers and other literature should either develop their reading habits in these 60 days or leave it for good as there is negative marking in the exam. Those who read a little bit can perform better by putting in some more efforts by reading newspapers like ‘The Hindu’ and ‘The Indian Express’. When reading these papers, note down the difficult words and try to read the articles in one go without taking breaks. These two exercises will develop your vocabulary, reading comprehension and overall knowledge as well. Everyday, note down 5 idioms and phrases with their usage in common language. These exercises will fetch you significant marks in exam and an edge over other aspirants because most of them try to avoid attempting this particular section.

  1. How to prepare for Arithmetic Aptitude?

Arithmetic asked in the exam is simple and it can be easily attempted. Most of the candidates preparing for government exams and bank exams are proficient in it because of their regular practice. Those of you who haven’t touched the basic arithmetic ; in particular the engineering students who often don’t get time due to their vast syllabus of engineering can still perform better in it. The level is of class 10th only. What matters is speed over here. Arun Sharma is the best book for preparation not only for this exam, but any exam where arithmetic is asked. Solve the level 1 of each topic and you will easily sail through the arithmetic part of AFCAT. Increase your solving speed everyday as it will give you an edge always.

  1. How to prepare Verbal and Non-Verbal Aptitude?

It is easy but sometimes it can be tricky and make you get stuck in the middle of the paper. The key to solve this section is to solve as many problems as you can and improve your grasp and speed. There’s no set rule and syllabi for this section but you can practice it more and more from various portals available over the internet. Mind it, don’t purchase any test series from any institute because it’s not so difficult to attempt this section cent percent with complete accuracy. There are various apps available where you can practice and get a feel of real time exam with a timer. No need of purchasing any book for this section.

  1. How to prepare static G.K. and current affairs?

Without any hesitation or ay second thought, follow Unacdemy on YouTube. The way different subjects are explained over there can help you in cracking exams up to the level of SSC-CGL. Practice it on a daily basis on apps like Adda247, oliveboard etc. Many others are also available, you just have to be smart enough to choose what suits you the best.


At last, practice is the key and fully use the online material, apps with timing. Do your best as marks do determine your final merit. All the best.


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