How To Start Your Preparation For SSB?

  1. Know your stuff

Well, you need not to follow anyone’s footsteps when you decide to join Armed Forces. It should be YOUR’S and ONLY  YOUR’s CALL. We, the youth of today enjoy a greater support from our family members when it comes to take a decision and we shouldn’t hesitate in it as it forms the very basic quality of an Armed Forces officer i.e. DECISION MAKING POWER.

  1. Remove the word “ME” from your life

Many of you might be thinking that he just said that it should be only “YOU” to take the decisions, now he’s saying remove the word “ME” . Understand that “ME” gives a sense of unnecessary pride which closes our ears and eyes and shuts down our ability to learn and propagate. We’re a very small part of the universe and we should always be in a learning and application mode.

  1. Be at your BEST ALWAYS

How do we feel when we’re happy?

And obviously a sense of gloom and despair start hovering our minds . JUST CHILL!! Nothing in this conquered and won over by the application of logic and reason and that too with a COOL MIND.

Being at your best means that you should be able to overcome any dire and demanding situation with cool mind and lift the spirit of others who are with you and following you. Always be a Ray Of Hope and justify the names given by your elders to you. This will make you the best version of yourself.

It’s just an introductory part, more knowledge will be shared with our readers happily based on your comments, queries, likes and even dislikes. In fact dislikes will taken care of on priority basis ‘coz’ learning never stops for us and it helps us improve upon the existing knowledge.

Thank you.

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