Importance of hobbies in SSB

Importance of hobbies in one’s life.

The Word ‘Hobby’ has been taken from the term “hobby-horse.” A “hobby-horse” is a toy with which the children play in the sweet days of their childhood. The children climb it and prance about, pretending to be riding it. Just as such a hobby-horse is a means of entertainment to the children; a hobby is a source of amusement to a grown-up man/woman.

Thus, a hobby is an amusement or interesting pursuit which a person follows during his leisure or free time. A hobby, therefore, provides diversion from one’s main business. Thus also what is a hobby to one man may be business for another. For example, to one man, photography may be a profession while to another, it may be a hobby.

Different types of hobbies:-

  1. Numismatics :- Collecting coins is a good and indulging hobby which gives a person insight into the historical importance of people and events.
  2. Reading books:- Reading takes you to a different dimension and makes you feel the magic of mind.
  3. Ornithology :- Bird watching and studying them also gives a lot of pleasure and relaxation to the mind.
  4. Cycling :- Nothing can be better than exploring new places with your buddy on cycle. It’s a great recreational activity for bonding with your pal.

There are different kinds of hobbies. Some others may like collecting wild flowers, leaves and ferns or stones. Some like collecting sea-shells or fossils. There are other persons who like photography, sketching, painting or wood-carving. Still other may like hunting, fishing or playing games. Some people show a great zest for boating and racing. There are some people who like cultivating flowers in their gardens. They like growing roses, lilies, violets and daffodils. Some children take delight in keeping pets such as dogs, parrots and rabbits.

Hobbies have many advantages. A hobby sharpens our sense of observation. It develops resourcefulness. One learns how to satisfy one’s passion or curiosity. A hobby brings happiness and interest in our life when we have nothing to do. Thus, it prevents us from indulging in mischief. A hobby also educates us in many ways and increases our intelligence.

A man who has failed to develop any hobby is bound to remain sad or lonely in life. Time      hangs heavy on his hands and he feels frustrated.


         Importance of Hobbies

Gives you break: Hobbies do provide a moment of work-free and responsibility-free time in our busy schedules. For all the Armed Forces aspirants, this kind of moments becomes important because it shows your inclination and zest for life.

Reduces stressing:  Stress becomes a major factor for rejection in SSB. Hobbies help us to learn to fight it and overcome it.

 Social Outlet: Hobbies can help us in connecting to our social environs in a great manner and develop the social skills which form an important factor in the OLQ’S. And who knows, we might get the best of our friends while pursuing our hobby.

 Pleasures: Hobby gives us joy and contentment in the heart. The pleasure derived from pursuing our hobbies keeps our spirits high and brings liveliness in us.

A lot of questions are asked from our hobbies in the SSB interview. If hobbies are pursued genuinely, it becomes a brownie point for us not only in SSB interview but in later life as well.

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