AFCAT is a national level written entrance examination conducted by the Indian Air Force to select candidates who can become commissioned officers in the Indian Air Force. As the date for the exam is so near, students must be looking for some last moment preparation tips. So to help the aspiring students for the exam, here are some tips that will help you perform better in AFCAT.

  1. While solving your paper, always attempt the section that you’re most comfortable in. If you are more confident about solving military aptitude section first, then attempt this section first. Not only will this assure a faster solving but also will boost your confidence for solving other sections. This way you will be securing more marks also.
  2. Don’t read anything new 5-6 days before the exam. Try to practice all that you’ve studied again and again to get fully confident about it.
  3. Practice previous year AFCAT question papers so that you get an idea of the exam pattern. This way you will also be able to manage your time well.
  4. While attempting, if you get stuck on any question, don’t waste much of your time on it. Move forward and make sure that you answer all the questions that you know the answer too. Don’t lose the questions that you’re sure about because of ill-time management.
  5. Look at the previous year’s cut-off’s. The range comes out to be 140-155. So, to keep a smarter approach try to reach a score of 160/300 to be sure about passing the cut-off. For this you have to answer at least 54 questions correctly. Therefore, keep a smart approach.
  6. The Mathematics section isn’t that hard if you practice properly. It consists of basic elementary math questions. Thus, get thorough with the concepts and practice as much as you can and this section will be the easiest to solve.
  7. Since AFCAT has a negative marking, avoid attempting questions which you’re not sure about. For every wrong answer 1 mark is deducted. This means, every 3 wrong answers will cost you the marks one right answer. Therefore, always attempt those questions which you’re 100% confident about.
  8. Read thoroughly about the last 4-5 month’s main events and happenings. This will help you score better in the GK section.
  9. Lastly, never panic or get nervous while attempting the paper. Try to be calm and confident about everything that you’ve studied. Your knowledge is the best asset you’ve got.


Thus, all the students should try to adhere to the above tips and focus on their goal of clearing the AFCAT exam. With proper practice and strong determination, clearing AFCAT becomes easier. ALL THE BEST.

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