CDS 2 2018 Merit List Out – 100 Candidates Cleared SSB to join IMA/AFA/NA

UPSC has published merit list of 100 (60+34+06) candidates who
have qualified on the basis of the results of the CDSE (II), 2018 conducted by the UPSC in November, 2018 and SSB interviews held by the SSB of the Ministry of Defense for admission in Course of IMA, Dehradun; Indian Naval Academy, Ezhimala, Kerala and Air Force Academy, Hyderabad Course.

2. The number of vacancies, as intimated by the Government is 100 for Indian Military
Academy [including 13 vacancies reserved for NCC ‘C’ certificates (Army Wing) holders],
45 for Indian Naval Academy, Ezhimala, Kerala Executive (General Service)/Hydro
[including 06 vacancies reserved for NCC ‘C’ Certificate holders (Naval Wing)] and 32 for
Air Force Academy, Hyderabad [03 vacancies are reserved for NCC ’C’ Certificate (Air
Wing) holders through NCC Spl. Entry].

3. The Commission had recommended 2494, 1653 and 582 as qualified in the written
test for admission to the Indian Military Academy, Indian Naval Academy and Air Force
Academy respectively. The number of candidates finally qualified are those after SSB test
conducted by Army Head Quarters.

4. The results of Medical examination have not been taken into account in preparing
these lists.


Important things to know about Mission Shakti

India has successfully test-fired a sophisticated anti-satellite missile in ‘Mission Shakti’ and shattered a live satellite flying in the low-Earth orbit, PM Narendra Modi announced in a televised national address. With this successful space mission, India has become the fourth country to attain such a specialized and modern capability; making it a ‘space superpower’. Prime Minister gave assurance to the international community that “our capability will not be used against any person but is merely India’s defence initiative for its security. We are against arms race in the space. This test will not violate any international law or treaties.”

Mission Shakti is a joint programme of the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) and the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO). In a rare televised address to the nation, PM Modi announced the success of the space defence mission programme when he declared that India has shot down a low-orbit earth satellite at a height of 300 km from the earth’s surface.


Important point’s about Mission Shakti

1. Mission Shakti’ is an anti-satellite missile test, under which an Anti-Satellite or ASAT missile shot down the Low Earth Orbit satellite ‘in 3 minutes of launch’.

2. The satellite that has been used in the mission was one of the country’s existing satellites working in lower orbit. The satellite was in orbit at 300 kms when it was smashed.

3. The successful launch of the ASAT has made India enter the exclusive group of countries with capabilities to launch such sophisticated missiles. It is now the 4th country to have successfully tested the Anti-Satellite missile after US, Russia & China.

4. The whole effort of Mission Shakti is original and has been executed by Defence Research & Development Organisation (DRDO).

5. India, with Mission Shakti, has successfully exhibited its capability to bar and seize a satellite in outer space based on complete indigenous technology.

6. DRDO’s Ballistic Missile Defence interceptor was used for Mission Shakti, which is part of the continuing ballistic missile defence programme.

7. The anti-satellite missile test was conducted in the lower atmosphere to make sure that there is no space debris. Whatever wreckage is generated will decompose and fall back in the earth within weeks.


Prime Minister has called it a test of India’s potential to bring down low orbit satellites and stated that India’s action was not directed against any nation. “Mission Shakti was a highly complex one, conducted at extremely high speed with remarkable precision. It shows the remarkable dexterity of India’s outstanding scientists and the success of our space programme”.

Mission Shakti has strengthened India’s space programme and it is a step towards country’s safety, security, economic growth and technological advancement.

SSC 53 Tech – SSCW 24 Tech Men and Women Indian Army Notification

Indian Army official website recently published the cutoff marks for SSC Tech 53 men and SSC Tech 24 women course. Based on the cut off marks, candidates have been shortlisted for the SSB interview for the SSC tech 53 and SSC tech 24 courses which will commence in October 2019 at OTA Chennai.

Candidates who have applied for the Indian Army SSC tech entry can check the SSC Tech 53 and SSCW Tech 24 Cut Off Marks and find their name in the list of shortlisted candidates.

Candidates are advised to select their SSB interview dates for SSC tech 53 and 24 by visiting join Indian army website.

SSC Tech 53 Cut Off Marks

  1. Least cut off :  50%
  2. Highest Cut off :  70% ( Mechanical Engineering)
  3. Total Vacancies : 175

SSC Tech Men 53 Cut off

To download the Official Notification of Cutt off marks of SSC Tech 53  CLICK HERE


100 Top Latest GK Current Affairs Questions Answers CDS 2 2018

Candidates who are preparing for the Upcoming CDS exam can refer to the few latest GK and current affairs questions for the CDS exam. Candidates will face gk and current affairs questions in CDS General Knowledge question paper. The questions in CDS General Knowledge paper will be covered from current affairs, History of India, Geography, Politics, and Economy. Candidates can check the CDS exam preparation PDF linked below for the best CDS exam revision for Maths, GK and English papers.

GK Current Affairs Questions Answers CDS Exam (1) Which railway station in India entered Limca Book of Records 2018 for having all-women staff?
Ans:- Matunga suburban station.
(on the Central Railway (CR) of Mumbai). (2) ‘Nomadic Elephant-2018’ is the name of exercise between which two countries Armed Forces?
Ans:- India and Mongolia. (3) 2018 FIFA World Cup won by which team?
Ans:- France (second time France hold the World Cup). (4) When the great scientist and author ‘Stephen Hawking’ died?
Ans:- On 14th March 2018. (5) Anti-terrorist force ‘kavach’ will be set up by which state of India?
Ans:- Haryana. (6) Which airport get India’s First Runway on ‘Sea Bridge’?
Ans:- Agatti Airport.
(this Airport located at Lakshadweep). (7) Name the athlete who won the Gold Medal at 2018 IAAF World Under-20 Athletics Championships?
Ans:- Indian Athlete ‘Hima Das’ (she finished race of 400m with clocking 51.46 seconds). (8) Which country becomes World’s 2nd biggest stock market?
Ans:- Japan. (9) How many women Battalions has approved for Jammu and Kashmir Police recently?
2 battalions. (10) New products launched such as pre-approved credit card and UPI solution to mark its 124th foundation day by which Bank in India?
Ans:- State-run Punjab National Bank (PNB) on 13th April 2018. (11) Which Organization body in India introduces the online bill tracking system for Vendors and Contractors?
Ans:- Indian Railways. (12) With which company UN Women organization Inaugurates ‘We The Women’?
Ans:- Facebook Inc. (13) With which Company Ericsson ties for the 5G technology?
Ans:- Bharti Airtel. (14) Eastern Peripheral Expressway inaugurated by PM Modi on 27th May 2018. What was the estimate cost of this Expressway?
Ans:– Rs. 11,000 crore (completed in 500 Days). (15) Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur has developed a wireless technology for whom?
Ans:- For the Doctors.
(this technology will enable remote monitoring of patients’ condition ferried in ambulances). (16) Which University scientists created the world’s fastest camera?
Ans:- Lund University, Sweden.
(It is called FRAME: Frequency Recognition Algorithm for Multiple Exposures). (17) Mobile App Mission FINFIT was launched by which bank in collaboration with Bangalore startup Fisdom?
Ans:- Lakshmi Vilas Bank. (18) SpaceX launched a Falcon 9 vehicle into space with 10 Satellites of a giant of mobile voice and data satellite communications. What is the Name of it?
Ans:- Iridium. (19) Two earth observation satellites ‘NovaSAR’ and ‘S1-4’ was launched by ISRO through which rocket?
Ans:- ‘
PSLV C 42′ Rocket. (20) Who became the first woman from Karnataka and South India, fighter pilot of the Indian Air Force?
Meghana Shanbough. (21) Which Indian state restricts the use of loudspeakers at religious, public places?
Ans:- Uttar Pradesh. (22) In which district of Odisha, Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik inaugurated second longest River bridge of the state?
Ans:- Sambalpur (this bridge reduced distance by 50 km between Sambalpur and Brajarajnagar). (23) India plans to celebrate the Republic Day 2018 (26th January) with the leaders of countries?
Ans:- ASEAN countries. (24) India and which Country joint hands to provide visa free entry for flight crew members?
Ans:- Russia. (25) Paytm Payments Bank partnered with this bank for FD (Fixed Deposit) Facility?
Ans:- Induslnd Bank. (26) Mandela-Gandhi Youth Conference 2018 was held at where?
 ‘Pietermaritzburg’ in South Africa on June 8, 2018. (27) Which country has the fastest mobile Internet in the world according to the global leader in broadband testing Ookla?
Ans:- Norway.
(recorded average speed of 52.6 megabits per second). (28) The 9th edition of International Youth Sailing Competition of India is held at where?
Ans:- Krishnapatnam Port (in Nellore, Andhra Pradesh). (29) World Cartoonist’s Day 2018 celebrated on which date?
May 5. (30) Which Indian state has been officially declared Open Defecation Free (ODF)?
Ans:- Arunachal Pradesh.
(Arunachal Pradesh is second state to achieve this status). (31) Which Indian state becomes first state to offer free power to farmers 24 hours a day?
Ans:- Telangana.
(this scheme will benefit 23 lakh farmers in Telangana state). (32) What is the maximum age of joining the National Pension System (NPS)?
Ans:- 65 years. (33) ‘Canelo Alvarez’ signed the largest contract in the history of sports. He belongs to which sports?
Ans:- Professional Boxing. (34) Which company offers 1,30,000 scholarships for developers and students for Skill India mission?
Ans:- Google. (35) Which company reach $1 trillion market value in 2018?
Ans:- Apple. (36) Which airport becomes 24×7 functional with CAT IIIB landing system Technology?
Ans:- Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport, Kolkata.
(this is 5th airport in India having CAT III B landing system technology). (37) The 2018 Annual Conference of DGPs and IGPs started at where?
Ans:- BSF Academy at Tekanpur in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh. (38) Which Indian state Government signed a MoU with Central Government for the 2nd phase of Bharat Net project?
Ans:- Chhattisgarh.
(32,466 km of optical fiber cable will be laid in 5,987 Gram Panchayats of Chhattisgarh). (39) ‘Anna Canteens’, meals at just Rs 5 was launched in which state of India?
Andhra Pradesh. (40) For how many states Union Home Ministry has released Rs 167 crore for border development under BADP?
Ans:- 9 Indian states.
(i.e. Rajasthan, Punjab, West Bengal, Tripura, Assam, Meghalaya, Himachal Pradesh, Bihar and Sikkim). (41) India’s first 205T Electric Drive Rear Dump Truck was developed by which company?
BEML (Bharat Earth Movers Limited). (42) Chiribiquete Natural Park was declared as the world heritage site by UNESCO. This park is located in which Country?
Colombia. (43) Which company launched Mosquito repelling phone i.e. ‘K7i’?
Ans:- The LG Company. (44) The 61st National Shooting Championship at National Games Shooting Range has been hosted at where?
Ans:- Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. (45) Which university in Gujarat got approved by the Union cabinet?
Ans:- National Rail and Transportation University in Vadodara, Gujarat. (46) With which ministry did Tata Memorial Centre Launched the India’s First Digital Online Oncology Tutorial?
Ans:- Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. (47) Up to which amount Union Government to Bear Merchant Discount Rate (MDR) Charges on Digital Transactions?
Ans:- Rs 2,000 (this is effective from January 1, 2018). (48) Communication exercise ‘Pacific Endeavor-2018 (PE-18)’ hosted by which country?
Ans:- Nepal. (49) Which state government introduces Bhoodhar card for land holders in India?
Ans:- Andra Pradesh. (50) Name the American sprinter who ran the fastest 100-metre race of the year 2018?
Noah Lyles (He clocked 9.88 seconds in the final). (51) The 22nd Small Farmers Agri-Business Consortium held at where?
Ans:- New Delhi. (52) M Venkaiah Naidu (Vice President of India) launched DIKSHA portal for whom?
Ans:- For the teachers. (53) To accomplish the Technology Mission for Indian Railways, how many have Union Ministries tied up?
Ans:- 3 Union Ministries.
(i.e. Ministries of railways, science and technology and human resource development). (54) An android App for the computation of solar energy potential has been developed by whom in India?
Ans:- ISRO. (55) Russia launched a Glonass- M positioning satellite on 17 June 2018 by using which rocket?
 Soyuz-2.1b carrier rocket (From Plesetsk space center). (56) Which company introduced ‘Datally’ app for quick data usage in real time for smartphones users?
Ans:- Google. (57) Which Indian state sets Automatic service ATMs?
Ans:- At Rajasthan.
(name of this automatic service ATMs is ‘E-Mitra Plus’). (58) ‘Mission Antyodaya’ aims to create how many poverty-free gram panchayats in India?
Ans:- 50,000 panchayats (Union Rural Development Ministry, in partnership with State Governments). (59) Name the first female CIA director by the President of United States Mr.Donald Trump?
Gina Haspel. (60) Which state government launched the water ATM Project in city?
Ans:- West Bengal. (61) First Indian Sign Language Dictionary was launched by Union Minister for Social Justice and Empowerment ‘Thaawarchand Gehlot’. It content how many words?
3000 words. (62) 11th World Hindi Conference 2018 started at where?
Port Louis, Mauritius. (63) Which union Minister launched Livestock Disease Forewarning (LDF) Mobile App?
Ans:- Shri Radha Mohan Singh, Union Minister of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare. (64) The ‘Annual Meeting 2018 of the World Economic Forum’ held at where?
Ans:- Davos, Switzerland.
(held from 23-26 January 2018). (65) ‘Paree Pain Katha Tiye’ child sexual abuse awareness campaign launched by which state government of India?
Odisha. (66) India and which country has signed an agreement to share tax-related information from January 2018?
Ans:- Switzerland. (67) ‘Conservation of Asiatic Cheetah Project’ is run by?
Ans:- The UN Development Programme. (68) Microsoft entered into a strategic partnership with which Indian automobile company?
Ans:- Tata Motors Ltd. (69) Which Indian state government launches ‘Bhavantar Bharpayee Yojana’ for vegetable growing farmers?
Ans:- Haryana.
(for this scheme Farmers can registered themselves on Bhavantar Bharpayee website). (70) India helped Nepal to build a bridge on which river?
Ans:- Kaligandaki River.
(this bridge is near to the China border). (71) Which country hosted the 2018 ASEAN-India Pravasi Bharatiya Divas (PBD)?
Ans:- Singapore (on 6-7 January, 2018). (72) Himachal Pradesh sets a new helpline for reporting crimes against women. What is the name of the helpline is?
Ans:- Gudiya. (73) With which country India approved Land Border Crossing agreement?
Ans:- Myanmar. (74) Which Indian state permits prisoners to donate organs?
Ans:- Kerala. (75) Indian Railways has announced to use which system for various railway activities, especially project monitoring and maintenance of tracks and other railway infrastructure?
Ans:- Using the Drone Camera. (76) 2018 Asian Billiards Championships won by whom?
Pankaj Advani. (77) Which country become the biggest importer of U.S. oil refinery by-product ‘petcoke’?
Ans:- India. (78) Name the film won Global Sustainability Film award in London?
Ans:- Lipstick Under My Burkha. (79) The Union Cabinet has approved for the establishment of new AIIMS at where?
Ans:- Bilaspur in Himachal Pradesh. Laid foundation stone by PM Narendra Modi. (80) Which mobile network company signed a MoU with Chinese firm, ZTE for 5G Technology in New Delhi?
Ans:- BSNL. (81) The Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare is to launch new scheme for free treatment of what?
Ans:- Hepatitis. (82) MIT scientists have designed a robotic system for 3D printing the basic structure of which?
Ans:- An entire building. (83) India will link highway corridors to international trade points (for Rs 25,000 crore) Under which Project?
Ans:- Bharatmala Project. (84) ‘Gopabandhu Sambadika Swasthya Bima Yojana’ for journalist launched in which Indian state?
 Odisha. (85) Which Indian city hosted the 15th edition of the Hindustan Times Leadership Summit?
Ans:- New Delhi. (86) 2018 cultural festival ‘India by the Nile’ held at where?
Egypt. (87) Which state announced to launch ‘Muhafiz’ scheme for workers in unorganized sector in state?
Ans:- Jammu and Kashmir. (88) GIF Search Platform ‘Tenor’ acquired by which company?
Google. (89) 78th session of the Indian History Congress started at where?
Ans:- At the Jadavpur University campus, in Kolkata. (90) Which state police digitized from January, 2018, under the Criminal Tracking and Networking System (CCTNS)?
Ans:- Odisha (from January 1, 2018). (91) 2018 World Organ Donation Day was observed on which date?
 August 13. (92) Which Indian city was placed in the Top 5 United Nation Clean City List?
Ans:- Alappuzha, Kerala. (93) In the ISSF World Cup Indian shooter ‘Shahzar Rizvi’ won which medal?
 Gold Medal. (94) World’s first camel hospital was opened at where?
Ans:- Dubai (cost of hospital was $10.9 million). (95) Which state launched a free household power connection scheme for the poor in the state?
Ans:- Uttar Pradesh (with target of covering 16 million poor by 2018-end). (96) Name the App recently launched by Eastern Railways for security of passengers?
Ans:- R-MITRA (Railway Mobile Instant Tracking Response & Assistance). (97) As per the advice of Union Government India, which game links to be removed by the Google, FB, Microsoft, yahoo?
Ans:- Blue Whale Game links. (98) World Athletics Day 2018 celebrated on which date?
May 7. (99) Which airport is second fastest growing airport in the world?
Kempegowda International Airport. (100) Name the free learning app launched by the Rajasthan government?
Ans:- Dishari.

Current Affairs GK Notes November 2018 – CDS NDA AFCAT SSB Interview

Current Affairs November 2018 questions and notes PDF For CDS 1 2019, CDS 2 2019, NDA 1 2019, NDA 2 2019, AFCAT 1 2019, AFCAT 2 2019 and SSB Interview 2018 – 2019. Download the current affairs questions with answers and current affairs ebook for November 2018 with around 1500 questions and detailed answers. Download the best current affairs books from ssbcrack shop. Current Affairs ebook PDF covering all the latest current affairs in November 2018 happened around India and the World. The Capsule includes Awards & Recognitions, Science & Technology, Sports related updates, Indian and International Affairs, and Environment related news. Current Affairs PDF will definitely help those who are preparing for competitive exams like NDA, CDS, AFCAT, TA, UPSC, SSC, Railways, Postal, State level exams and all kinds of Bank exams (IBPS, SBI, RRB, RBI, Defence & Intelligence).

01 November 2018

  • India defeated Windies by nine wickets in the fifth and final match of the One-day international (ODI) series in Thiruvananthapuram to clinch the five-match ODI series 3-1. By virtue of this win, Kohli became the first Indian captain to win six consecutive ODI series at home.
  • Former India captain Rahul Dravid becomes the fifth Indian to be inducted into ICC Hall Of Fame.
  • Jumping 23 places, India now ranks at number 77th in the ‘ease of doing business’ ranking by the World Bank. The country ranked at number 100th in the previous year. New Zealand tops the World Bank list, the United States at number eight, and China at 46th.

02 November 2018

  • Indian passport ranks 66th in the Global Passport Power Rank 2018. 
  • The Ministry of Defence has decided to induct women as sailors in the Indian Navy.

03 November 2018

  • Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal inaugurated Signature Bridge over the Yamuna River. It is the first asymmetrical cable stayed bridge in India.
  • Olympic bronze medalist and five-time World Champion, MC Mary Kom has been named as the brand ambassador of the 10th edition of the Women’s World Championship in New Delhi.
  • China launches new high-orbit satellite to boost its BeiDou global satellite navigation system

04 November 2018

  • Rio Olympics silver medalist and current world No 2 badminton player PV Sindhu will be the brand ambassador of the inaugural edition of Pro Volleyball League along with legendary American spiker David Lee. The inaugural season of the Pro Volleyball League will start in February 2019.
  • Justice Ramesh Ranganathan was sworn in as the Chief Justice of Uttarakhand High Court.

05 November 2018

  • Third Ayurveda Day is celebrated today in India. 
  • INS Arihant, India’s first nuclear ballistic missile submarine, has completed its first “deterrence patrol”. With Arihant successfully completing its patrol, India now has a dependable nuclear triad. A nuclear triad means that the country now has the capability of firing nuclear weapons from land, air and sea.
  • Researchers at Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IIT-M) have designed and booted up India’s first microprocessor, Shakti, which could be used in mobile computing and other devices.
  • Ambati Rayudu has retired from the long-form of cricket, including the Ranji Trophy, to focus on limited-overs cricket. Ambati Rayudu is 33 years old. He will continue to play international and domestic matches of the shorter version. He played his first ODI (One Day International) match in 2013.

06 November 2018

  • The ruling Congress-Janata Dal Secular (JDS) alliance in Karnataka has won two assembly seats and two Lok Sabha seats in bypolls. The BJP has won only one parliamentary seat, Shivamogga, vacated by former chief minister BS Yeddyurappa.
  • Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath announced that Faizabad district will henceforth be known as Ayodhya.
  • India opener Rohit Sharma has surpassed Virat Kohli to become the highest run-scorer in T20 international cricket for India.
  • Vice-Admiral M.P. Awati (retd.), who commanded a naval unit of the Eastern Fleet in the 1971 India-Pakistan war and whose actions led to the destruction of an enemy submarine, passed away at his hometown near Satara in Maharashtra.

07 November 2018

  • The festival of lights, Diwali is celebrated today in India.
  • National Cancer Awareness Day was observed on 7 November across the nation.
  • Rohit Sharma sets record, becomes first cricketer in history to score 4 T20I hundreds

08 November 2018

  • The Central and Andhra Pradesh governments and the World Bank have signed the loan agreement for a $172.20 million project to enhance agricultural productivity, profitability, and climate resilience of poor and marginalized farmers in Andhra Pradesh.
  • Gaddam Dharmendra was appointed as the next Ambassador of India to the Islamic Republic of Iran. Gaddam Dharmendra is an Indian Foreign Service Officer (IFS) of 1990 batch.

09 November 2018

  • China’s state news agency Xinhua introduced World’s first AI anchors who can report all day every day, from anywhere in the country. Teh agency had created a digital version of a regular Xinhua news anchor named Qiu Hao.
  • The 2018 ICC Women’s World Twenty20 tournament started from today in West Indies.
  • Indian economy will expand 7.4 percent in 2018, but the growth will slow down to 7.3 percent in the next fiscal. The economy grew 7.9 percent in the first half (January-June) of 2018, reflecting post demonetization base effect.

10 November 2018

  • Harmanpreet Kaur smashed a 51-ball 103 in the opening match held in the West Indies to become the first Indian woman to score a Twenty20 International (T20I) century.
  • India’s star Wrestler Bajrang Punia became the number one rank in the world in the 65kg category, with 96 points in the latest UWW list.
  • Arunima Sinha was awarded an honorary doctorate by the University of Strathclyde of United Kingdom in Glasgow, Scotland. She has been awarded for her inspirational achievements in mountaineering. She is 30 years old. In 2013, she became the world’s first woman amputee to climb Mount Everest.

11 November 2018

  • World leaders attend a ceremony at the Arc de Triomphe in Paris today as part of commemorations marking the 100th anniversary of the November 11, 1918 armistice, ending World War I.
  • The day is observed on 11th November every year to commemorate the birth anniversary of Maulana Abul Kalam Azad. He was a freedom fighter, scholar and the first Education Minister of independent India, who served from 15 August 1947 until 2 February 1958.

12 November 2018

  • In the phase one of Chhattisgarh elections, 70 per cent voter turnout for the 18 constituencies.
  • Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurate two major national highways and an inland waterways project in Varanasi today.
  • Union Minister and senior BJP leader Ananth Kumar died in Bengaluru at the age of was 59. Ananth Kumar was suffering from lung cancer.

13 November 2018

  • Marvel legend Stan Lee, who is the co-creator of iconic superheroes like Spider-Man and The Hulk died at the age of 95 years in Los Angeles.
  • Union minister Narendra Singh Tomar has been given the additional charge of the ministry of parliamentary affairs and D V Sadananda Gowda that of the ministry of chemicals and fertilisers.

14 November 2018

  • Children Day is celebrated today.
  • Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrived in Singapore for a two-day visit during which he will attend the East Asia Summit.
  • Asian Games gold medallist Hima Das appointed as the UNICEF Youth Ambassador.

15 November 2018

  • Home Ministry said that around 18 lakh foreigners visited India on electronic visas this year. The highest number of visitors (2,92,143) were from the U.K., followed by the U.S. (2,21,339), China (1,27,022), France (1,07,185) and Germany (89,863). Over 17 lakh foreigners visited India on e-visa in 2017. $137,527,270 [Rs. 993 crore approx] has been received as e-visa fees this year.
  • The Ministry of Finance issued a notification regarding the release of the Rs 75 coin to commemorate 75th anniversary of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose hoisting the Tricolour for the first time at Port Blair in Andaman Nicober Islands.
  • UP cabinet approves renaming of Faizabad as Ayodhya, Allahabad as Prayagraj.
  • ISRO successfully launch GSLV Mk III-D2 carrying GSAT-29 satellite.

16 November 2018

  • Thirteen people were killed as cyclone Gaja made landfall in Tamil Nadu.
  • The Andhra Pradesh government has finalised its new emblem for official use, five years after the state’s bifurcation in 2014.
  • The International Energy Agency in its latest report ‘World Energy Outlook’ stated that India will overtake the U.S. to become the world’s second-biggest emitter of carbon dioxide from the power sector before 2030.

17 November 2018

  • India’s Pankaj Advani won his third straight IBSF billiards crown in the 150-up format. Advani overcame Nay Thway Oo of Myanmar in the final.
  • Australia’s John Hastings retires from International Cricket.
  • Justice Mathur took oath as Allahabad HC Chief Justice.

18 November 2018

  • The first trial run of indigenously developed Indian’s engineless train, the “Train 18” was successfully conducted on tracks at Moradabad-Rampur section of Northern Indian Railways.
  • Sanjay Kumar Mishra appointed Director of Enforcement Directorate China builds an ‘artificial sun’ that reaches temperatures six times that of Sun.

19 November 2018

  • Decorated war veteran Brigadier Kuldip Singh Chandpuri passed away in a private hospital in Mohali, Punjab. He was 78. Chandpuri, who was an Army Major during the 1971 India-Pakistan war, had held his post through the night in the famous battle of Longewala in Rajasthan with just 120 men against a full-fledged attack by advancing Pakistani Patton tanks.
  • India’s first specialized hospital for elephants opens in Mathura.
  • Ustad Amjad Ali Khan presented lifetime Achievement Award in Delhi.
  • India’s Lakshya Sen won a bronze medal in the BWF World junior badminton championship at Markham, Canada.

20 November 2018

  • Nearly 72 per cent voting was recorded till 6 pm as polling came to a close in the second and final phase of Chhattisgarh assembly elections. A total of 1,079 candidates are contesting in the 72 constituencies of 19 districts in the State with an electorate of 1,54,00,596.
  • Golfer Shubhankar becomes first Indian to win European Tour Rookie of the Year award

21 November 2018

  • WhatsApp named Abhijit Bose as its India Head, the co-founder and chief executive of Indian mobile payments firm Ezetap.
  • Dr Jitendra Singh releases book Radio Kashmir in Times of Peace & War written by Dr Rajesh Bhat.
  • India has slipped two places to rank 53rd Position in Global Annual talent ranking released by renowned IMD Business School, Switzerland on 20 November 2018.

22 November 2018

  • Instant messaging service WhatsApp announced the appointment of Abhijit Bose as its India head. Bose will join WhatsApp in early 2019. WhatsApp said Bose and his team will focus on helping businesses, both large and small, connect with their customers.
  • World malaria report by World Health Organisation (WHO) states that, India is the only country to have achieved a substantial decrease in malaria cases in 2017 out of the 11 highest burden countries throughout the world.

23 November 2018

  • Union Government has decided to commemorate 550th birth anniversary of Guru Nanak at national as well as international level
  • Andhra Pradesh is building a world-class and India’s first ‘Justice City’ within its new capital Amaravati with the vision to provide a state-of-the-art ecosystem built on the latest technology for supporting the judicial system in the state.

24 November 2018

  • M C Mary Kom defeated Ukraine’s Hanna Okhota in the final of the Women’s World Boxing Championships to clinch the gold medal in the 48kg category and her sixth world title at the K.D. Jadhav Indoor Stadium.
  • Filmmaker Nandita Das will be honored with the International Federation of Film Producers Associations (FIAPF) Award at the 12th Asia Pacific Screen Awards (APSA) in Brisbane on the 29th of this month.
  • Ujjivan Small Finance Bank, a wholly owned subsidiary of Ujjivan Financial Services Limited, launched personal loan facility for salaried professionals making it the first small finance bank in India to offer this.

25 November 2018

  • India beat Australia by six wickets in the third and the final T20I match at the Sydney Cricket Ground (SCG) to draw series 1-1.
  • Australia Women Cricket Team wins their fourth women’s World Twenty20 title after a eight-wicket victory over England in the final at the Sir Vivian Richards Stadium in Antigua and Barbuda.

26 November 2018

  • After seven months of traveling through space, the NASA InSight mission has landed on Mars.
  • President RN Kovind appointed election commissioner Sunil Arora as the next Chief Election Commissioner. He is slated to take over as CEC on December 2, a day after incumbent Om Prakash Rawat retires.
  • Men’s Hockey World Cup 2018 started from today with opening ceremony in Bhubaneswar.

27 November 2018

  • Sunil Arora will take charge new Chief Election Commissioner. He will replace outgoing Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) OP Rawat. A former bureaucrat, Arora was appointed as election commissioner.
  • Manu Bhaker of Haryana won a double gold in junior sport pistol while Ravi Kumar and Rahi Sarnobat were crowned national champions in the men and women’s events respectively in Thiruvananthapuram.

28 November 2018

  • Around 73 per cent votes were cast in the Mizoram assembly polls held for all the 40 assembly seats. 74.61 per cent voters exercised their franchise in the Madhya Pradesh assembly elections for 230 assembly seats.
  • Cristiano Ronaldo became the first player to achieve 100 Champions League wins with 1-0 victory over Valencia.

29 November 2018

  • ISRO’s PSLV-C43 successfully places HysIS and 30 other foreign satellites in respective orbits. The HysIS is an Earth observation satellite primarily to assist in a wide range of applications in agriculture, forestry, geological environments, coastal zones, among others. The 30 satellites are one each from Australia, Canada, Colombia, Finland, Malaysia, Netherlands and Spain, and 23 from the USA.
  • President Ram Nath Kovind has appointed Arvind Saxena as the new Chairman of the Union Public Service Commission.
  • G20 Summit 2018 begins in Argentina.

30 November 2018

  • The farmers’ rally to parliament has been organised by the All India Kisan Sangharsh Coordination Committee.
  • Former bureaucrat HC Gupta and five others have been found guilty by the Delhi High Court in a case related to alleged irregularities in the allocation of the coal blocks in West Bengal.

TES (10+2) – 41

Indian army is going to publish the TES 41 notification soon for the candidates who have completed 12th standard with PCM. Applications are invited from unmarried Male Candidates who have passed 10+2 examination with Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics (Hereinafter referred to as PCM) subjects and fulfill the eligibility conditions prescribed in the subsequent paragraphs, for the grant of Permanent Commission in the Army after four years of Basic Military Training and Technical Training thereafter with the terms and conditions given in the succeeding paragraphs.

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