Personal Information Questionnaire

Candidates who clear the stage – 1 ( Screening) of SSB will be retained by the board for Phase 2 (Psychological Test , GTO and Personal Interview). These candidates are then asked to fill in several forms and One of these form is PIQ form also known as Personal Information Questionnaire.

PIQ form plays a vital role in your Personal interview as it contains your OIR ( Officer Intelligence Rating) ranking and basic details about your family, education, occupation, games and sports played, hobbies/interest and co curricular activities in which you have participated.

The interviewing officer will ask the questions on the basis of your PIQ form, hence utmost care has to be taken while filling the form.

Do’s and Don’ts while filling the PIQ form.

Do’s :

  1. Handwriting should be good  and readable
  2. Fill the form in a structured and systematic manner
  3. Write ‘NA’ where it is not applicable for you
  4. Fill the correct details
  5. If you have participated in any events , Olympiads , Competition,  sports or seminars please mention that
  6. If you have secured some rankings or have won some medals/trophies mention that in PIQ

Don’ts :

  1. Do not scribble or do overwriting and cutting
  2. Do not bluff or mention things you have not done or you dont know
  3. Do not use too much short forms or abbreviation

You can practice filling the PIQ form which you can download from the link given below.

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