WAT Tips for SSB

WAT tips for SSB Interview

In WAT(Word Association Test), there are total 60 words which have to be attempted by the candidate. It’s only your second day at SSB and you already have completed the Screening and TAT. Sometimes it may happen that testing is carried out on the same day.  The immediate next test waiting for you on the same day is the Word Association Test (WAT). This test is also called ‘Confirmatory Test’ to TAT or ‘Idea Writing Test’. This means that Word Association Test confirms qualities that you display in Thematic Apperception Test. Giving WAT immediately after the TAT brings your natural qualities in front of the assessors. Here some expert tips which will help you in performing well in the psychological testing at S.S.B. Interview.

  1. Write your original thoughts

Do not write the ideas which you memorised from elsewhere or heard from someone. Write your own feelings and try to project some or the other OLQ with your idea. For that you need to have a knack for writing own your own feelings.

E.g. for the word “Die”, don’t just write “Do or Die is a slogan given by Gandhiji”. Instead write, “I’m a die-hard cricket fan”. The sentence is both positive and shows your creative ability.

  1. Make sentences which make sense to the reader. Put yourself in the assessor and think what he/she might make out of your sentence. Don’t make it too hi-fi, just simple enough to make it a presentable idea in one reading.
  2. The time boundation is kept to make a pressure on you. It’s a procedure which will test your ability to withstand enduring pressure which is a part of military life. So,maintain a good handwriting and don’t get carried away in the flow.
  3. Try to imagine a picture on seeing a word. This picture is your original idea. Try and make a statement around it.
  4. Keep the sentence length optimal, neither too big nor too small. A sentence which conveys the meaning in 4-8 words is optimal. Focus should be on delivering the quality rather than the quantity.
  5. When words such as ‘kill’, ’disobey’, ’distrust’ etc come, try to relate it with your past and remember how did you overcome such negative situations or else you can also use it in a positive manner.
  6. Don’t make sentences related to Defence too much. Writing sentences solely on defence will not take you anywhere. Instead, it shows a lack of originality and thoughts.
  7. Do not give suggestion or advice to anyone and in particular to the government and its machineries. Remember that you are too young and unexperienced to make such suggestions.
  8. Project your best qualities and achievement in life.
  9. Practice, practice and practice, but don’t let it reflect in SSB that you have practiced it.

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